Cloud Computing

What is this course about?

Cloud Computing provides IT-related services through internet. It allows you to improve skills on handling cloud applications and services at your own convenience. Cloud Computing course is designed for participants who are looking at successfully completing the foundation certification on Cloud Computing.

Why is the certification most sought-after?

Currently, there are approximately more than 150 professionals across the globe who are certified in Cloud Computing. There is a dearth of certified professionals in this domain. A certification will make a participant well sought-after by top MNCs who are into cloud space. This training provides IT professionals with the know-how required in order to successfully implement Cloud Computing.

What learning benefits do you get from Rational Solution's training?

At the end of Rational Solution's training on Cloud Computing, participants will be able to know:

  • Principles of Cloud computing
  • Implementing and managing cloud
  • Using the Cloud
  • Security and compliance
  • Evaluation of Cloud computing
Latest News & Updates
  • IBM launches cloud-based technology Identity Mixer to protect personal data.

  • Google launches PerfKit, open source benchmarking tool for cloud performance.

  • Most IT decision makers expect to move majority of IT infrastructure to the cloud by 2017

  • According to the IDC, a prominent analyst firm, by 2017 the PaaS market is anticipated to expand from $3.7 billion to $14 billion worldwide.

    expand from $3.7 billion to $14 billion worldwide.

  • Cloud computing has experienced exponential growth over the last few years.

    As of December 2015, almost 60 percent of current Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMB) use Cloud Services.